Cyclovac Azure H615 Special Edition Super Luxe Kit Cleaning Set 35'


Cyclo Vac Azure Central Vacuum H615 | Super Luxe Cleaning Set 35'

This quiet and balanced model combines high airflow with high suction power, plus a high quality attachment kit, making it as effective for vacuuming heavier debris as for cleaning large areas. 


Attachment kit 24V. Including a 24 volt hose with direct or cord connection and a Super Luxe brush kit.



  • 1 3/8 inch Single Voltage (24v) 35 foot Hose, with Power Switch and Swivel Handle
  • Premium 12 inch Floor Tool with Natural Bristles
  • Premium Oval Dusting Brush with Natural Bristles
  • Premium Upholstery Tool
  • Premium Slotted Crevice Tool
  • Ratchet Wand with Friction Fit Bottom
  • Cyclo Vac, Attachment Caddy Bag
  • Chrome Wire Hose Hanger
  • Free Flexible Crevice tool 

Features - H615 Canister (700 Air Watts )

Recommendations :

  • Type of residence : houses
  • Approximative area* : 465 m2 (6000 ft2)
  • 700 Air Watts


  • 700 AW | 138.1" (H2O)

  • Quiet

  • Bag or Bagless

  • 12' Diameter

  • 10 year part / 5 Labor Warranty

  • 15 Amps

Filtration: Hybrid - Bag or Bagless

Hybrid units can be used with or without a bag, at any time. Their versatile filtration system perfectly suits today’s fast-paced lifestyle. You’re out of bags and you don’t have enough time to go buy some more? No problem! Just remove the bag adaptor and you are ready to vacuum!



This model offers the best of both worlds. It combines a high airflow with a great suction strength, making it as efficient to vacuum heavier debris as to clean large surfaces. It’s the perfect model for a versatile use.


This central vacuum is amongst the most silent vacuums on the market, so you can clean at any time, without disturbing the entire household.

A Healthy Choice

No matter the type of filtration you choose, you will benefit from improved ambient air quality and a healthier environment. Our hybrid models are equipped with a HEPA type filter that captures 99.5% of particles at 0.3 µm, so you can breathe easier. As for our units with filters, they are equipped with a CyclofiltreTM that has been provided with an antimicrobial treatment, so as to prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungi that may be associated with allergies