Miele C3 Carpet and Pet Canister vacuum


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Meet the Miele Complete C3 Carpet and Pet vacuum cleaner - a real game-changer for keeping your home sparkling clean. Although its name might make you think it's all about pet hair, it's actually perfect for low to medium pile carpets and rugs with low to moderate amounts of pet hair. This lightweight wonder packs a powerful punch with its motor, lifts dirt and dust like a pro, and is super easy to carry around. Plus, it's made in Germany by Miele, so you know it’s built to last. But it doesn't stop there: the Complete C3 Carpet & Pet also comes with an easy to use dust filter system and handy foot control for changing between powerful settings with a quick click. Just a quick heads up, if you have deep pile carpets or tons of pet hair, you might want to consider a different model equipped with an electric Powerhead.
  • Suitability: Hard-floors and low-medium pile rugs and carpets
  • Pet Hair: Low to moderate amount
  • Dirt Collection: Bagged. 4.5-litre capacity.
  • Operating Radius: 36-foot from the wall to the floor (24 feet long cord)
  • Suction Power: Same quiet, powerful 1200w motor as all other Miele vacuums.
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Dedicated Carpet Attachment: Yes. Turbo (Air-Driven) Carpet Tool
  • Maintenance: It is a breeze! Bags are easy to replace. Filters must be changed once a year and are always included when you purchase bags.
  • Warranty: Free 5-year warranty on parts and labour, and 7-year on the motor.