Henry Hetty Combo tool, 1 1/4" X 11" Numatic long neck with wheel


This Numatic vacuum combination tool is a direct OEM replacement for the original one sold with Henry, Hetty and James vacuums. With time the bristles and metal plate on combination tools wear down and a replacement is needed to prevent damage to the flooring surface.  The go-to tool option many commercial cleaners prefer is a combination tool as it allows to easily go from carpet to bare floor and back without hassle of changing tools.  Brush can be retracted using the section lever whch allows the metal plate to glide across carpeted floors.  Extending the bristles makes work of cleaning on all non-carpeted surfaces.  Lint strips grab fuzz and threads from carpeted surfaces.

Fits Models:

  • Numatic Henry vacuums with 1.25" wands
  • Numatic Hetty vacuums
  • Numatic James vacuums