Cyclovac H725 Central Vacuum with WesselWerk EBK360 Cleaning set 35'


Cyclovac H725 Central Vacuum with 35' WesselWerk EBK360 Cleaning Set

This vacuum package is designed for homes with a mix of carpeted and hard floor surfaces, offering robust suction power and efficient cleaning capabilities.

Key Components

  1. EBK 360 Electrical Brush (Wessel Werk):

    • Electric Brush Power: Ensures thorough cleaning with consistent suction power.
    • LED Headlight: Durable and long-lasting, providing excellent illumination.
    • Height Adjustment: Five settings to accommodate different carpet heights and densities.
    • Large Intake Orifice: Reduces clogging and increases airflow, enhancing cleaning efficiency.
    • Sculpted Chevron Brush Roll: Guides debris towards the intake orifice, ensuring even brush contact and prolonging the life of the vacuum components.
  2. Hose:

    • 3-Way Switch: Controls the power head and the built-in vacuum unit.
    • Swivel Handle: Provides ease of use and maneuverability.
    • Crushproof Design: Durable and resilient.

Package Includes:

  • 35’ 110/24V Total Control 1 1/4” Hose
  • EBK 360 Wessel Werk Power Head (Made in Germany)
  • Premium Accessory Set:
    • Premium Hard Floor Brush
    • Hose Rack
    • Tool Caddy

Additional Features:

  • Pivot and Swivel Neck: Fully articulating for easy maneuverability.
  • Locking Neck Assembly: With neck release pedal.
  • Height Adjustment Pedal: With height indicator.
  • Glass-Fiber Reinforced Long-Life Cogged Belt: Enhances durability.
  • Sculpted Brush Roll: Chevron/V-shaped for efficient debris collection.
  • 4 Soft Wheels: Ensures smooth movement.
  • Air-Flow Control Wiper Blade: Maintains optimal suction.
  • QDC (Quick Disconnect Neck): For easy attachment and detachment.
  • Long-Lasting LED Headlight: Provides bright, long-lasting illumination.

Cyclo Vac H725 Power Unit:

  • Type of Residence: Suitable for houses.
  • Approximate Area: Up to 10,000 ft².
  • Technical Specifications:
    • 659 Airwatts
    • 144.9'' H2O Suction Power
    • 230.7 CMH / 135.8 CFM Airflow
    • Noise Level: 65 dB (Quiet)
    • Durability: 1200 hours
    • Single Intake

This comprehensive vacuum package ensures superior cleaning performance across different floor types, offering durable and efficient components for a thorough and convenient cleaning experience.