Electrolux Motor for Renaissance C104H Epic 6500


This is the Electrolux replacement motor for most of the newer Electrolux Canister Vacuums with plastic bodies.
Motor will fit the following models:
  • C101A, C101G, C101H, C101J, C101K, C101L, C102A, C102D, C102G, C102J, C102K, C104A, C104H, C133A, C134A, C134B, C134C, C134D, C134E, C134F, C141A, C141B, C141C, C141D, C141E, C141F, C141G, C151B, C151D, C151G, C152C, C152F, C153A, C153C, C153D, C154A, C154B, C154E
  • CB2000
  • 6500, 1623, 2100, 90, 1677, 2000, 6000, 6500SR, 8000, and 9000