Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition Canister Vacuum With STB305

41GDE040CDN +STB305

  For a Limited time you can Now get the Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition Canister Vacuum in a Tayberry Red Color.   This is the perfect full-size Miele vacuum for homes with mostly bare floors and low pile carpeting or area rugs. The Miele STB305-3 turbo head will gently agitate low pile and flat carpeting to remove lint, hair, and debris. Perfect for living spaces with mostly hard surfaces, low pile carpeting and area rugs.  The C3 Limited Edition includes the Miele SBD 285-3 Combo floor tool for use on both low pile carpeting and hard surfaces. 

The outstanding filtration of Miele vacuum cleaners is the result of a filtration system called AirClean System. It consists of the innovative Miele AirClean dustbag, a motor protection filter and a Miele exhaust filter. The way these components complement each other ensures that more than 99.9% of fine dust is filtered out. You can take deep breaths again!

The Miele AirClean DustBag with 9-layers of protection retains 99.9% of all nastiness, including dirt, dust, allergens, and even bedbugs, which are hermetically sealed into the dust bag. Once the dirt is in the bag it stays in the bag right through to disposal. Perfect fit of bag and appliances thanks to the lock-and-key principle no dust is missed by Miele dustbags.


  • Foot Activated +/- suction control
  • One Touch Cable rewind
  • 1200 W silent vortex motor
  • Perfect for low pile carpets, area rugs, and hard floors
  • 4.5 L capacity
  • 12 pounds
  • 36.1 ft operating radius
  • Miele 5 year warranty  / 7 year on the motor