DrainVac Retractable Hose Reel System for Central Vacuum (50 Feet)



Discover the innovative and functional DrainVac Retractable Hose Reel System, perfect for simplifying and speeding up any task while eliminating tripping hazards. Whether in car washes, industrial settings, or workshops, this commercial grade hose is designed to provide durable and stylish convenience. With a length of 50 feet, the hose can be easily extended to the desired distance. While commonly used in commercial settings, these retractable hose reels are also a popular choice for luxury garages, providing a clean and organized look without messy hoses or shop vacs. This versatile hose can be installed on walls, ceilings, floors, or even in attics, and requires no electricity for retraction thanks to its mechanical system. The package includes two cleaning tools, a wall support to hold the hose and tools, and a hose case for versatility in placement. This retractable hose is compatible with all high-quality central vacuum systems, as long as the motor provides sufficient suction at the end of the hose. Box store type vacuums are not recommended for use with this product.  If you require information on what systems are best paired with this unit please contact us.  


Anti-static hose also available.

Key Features:

  • 50' hose
  • 1.5" diameter hose
  • Durable bearing mount
  • Adjustable tension
  • Includes crevice and upholstery nozzle
  • Various mount options
  • Wet or dry use