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Free Shipping on all orders over $99 in Canada

Free Shipping on all orders over $99 in Canada!

GVE370 George

Numatic George GVE 370 Wet / Dry / Extractor vacuum


I'm the man - the one you want to bring home to the family. I can do it all. I can lay it down and pick it up. I'm wet, I'm dry, and I extract. I have all you will ever need in my suitcase. First i'll pick up all the dust and dirt daily. I will clean up the wet messes after the kids and pets. Then from time to time, I will deep clean your carpet, floors or whatever is required. I'm a true professional with years of experience working in demanding enviroments yet I'm compact and won't take up much space. You might say i'm the total package.  

I'm ideal for cleaning everything in your home. 


Model GVE (Charles)
Color Green
Motor 1200W, 1.6 Hp 2 stage,12 speed
Water lift 110"
Air Flow 95cfm
Water lift  110"
Noise Level 61 db(A)
Cord Length 33 feet
Filtration 0.3 Micron @ 96%

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