Turbo Cat TK210 Air Driven Powerhead


  • The T210 TurboCat double-edge cleaning – picks up dirt right to the carpet cleaning limit – high speed turbine generates the air power needed for superior cleaning performance – newly designed Deep Sweep Agitator was created to bring deep down dirt to the surface so it can be easily vacuumed away.
  • Compatible with all standard sized friction fit wands. Wand not included.
  • The Turbocat® Turbine Powerhead is designed for the way people clean. It’s light, responsive and highly maneuverable compared to cumbersome, heavier electric power heads. Its low-profile body glides, responds and maneuvers around the entire house. It’s easy to use, but hard on dust, dirt and grime. The Turbocat offers the following features and benefits.
  • Operates without Additional Electricity The TurboCat® is a powerful air-driven power head that operates without electricity, power cords or batteries. This power head harnesses the airflow of the central vacuum system to generate maximum airflow and deep cleaning power. Installation and operation are easier and less costly.
  • High Speed Turbine & Shaft for Power The TurboCat’s turbine wheel rotates at a high RPM, which generates the air power required for superior cleaning performance. The turbine shaft includes a unique design that acts as a shield to belt breakage. The shaft has a smooth step-down feature that allows the belt to disengage from the belt drive if something should become obstructed in the TurboCat®. Exclusive Deep Sweep® Agitator The Deep Sweep Agitator was created to efficiently bring embedded dirt to the surface, so it can easily be vacuumed away. The staggered bristle design allows constant contact of bristle to carpet. The crimped bristles effectively separate carpet fibers allowing airflow to pickup and remove deep, embedded dirt.
  • Non-slip Cog Drive Belt Turbine power is relayed to the high velocity Deep Sweep Agitator by a specially designed cog belt drive. The belt reduces slippage for more consistent performance, and outlives the conventional flat belts used on most electric power heads.
  • Wide Vacuum Path with Double Edge Cleaning The large 13” vacuum path provides superior cleaning performance with the exclusive T-shape design. The unique T-design allows for easy manoeuvrings around and under furniture and true edge cleaning, even against baseboards.
  • System Performance Indicator Since the TurboCat® needs airflow to operate it works as a gauge of your central vacuum system performance. If the system airflow is restricted, the TurboCat® will slow down, letting the user know the central vacuum is not operating at optimum performance levels. This drop in airflow could be attributed to clogged bags, filters or a tube line clog. Electric power heads will not gauge restricted airflow in the system. The motor will keep rotating the brush roller even though there is little dirt being vacuumed because of a clogged dirt bag or filter.